Square Asset Management


Square Asset Management is an independent management company. It is the only management company subcontracted by one biggest Portuguese economic groups (Caixa Central de Crédito Agrícola, Grupo Montepio, Grupo Finibanco, Grupo Banif) to manage its real estate funds. It is the only management company that manages open ended funds. One of the first management companies holding land assets in its Funds.


To design the Annual Report 2014, maintaining the brand colors but choosing the suitable typography and images to display our report year results to our investors.


The Square Asset Management have a particular vision in the management of real estate industry and the design have to reflect that.
Inspired by the photography of Filipe Pombo of the Main office of Square Asset Management in Lisbon I choose a geometric typeface for headings and highlights, to convey sustain, simplicity, and another one to contrast with a more humanistic touch, giving the design flexibility and action. The asymmetric layout was the contraposition for the symmetry of the buildings.


Project in collaboration with agency Choice – Comunicação Global
Photography Filipe Pombo

Typography in use Simple & Rambla

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