Quercus Ambiente Newspaper


Quercus is a Environment ngo that occupies a place in the portuguese society simultaneously irreverent and constructive, in defense of the multiple causes of nature and environment. At the present time, the planet's resources are increasingly scarce, being essencial to awaken public interest in this matter in order to stop the degradation of the planet Earth.


To improve the communication of the ngo Quercus with the audience, re-designing the Newspaper Quercus Ambiente and create a style guide. This newspaper aims to inform the audience about environmental issues as well as to show the importance of this ngo in society.


After the research the Quercus and its role in society, and the analysis of what people think about this ngo, I decided that to be more relevant we need to create a publication that was conscious, meaningful and free about ecology, in order to raise awareness of people for environmental and civic education as well for the sustainable development of his actions. It was determined that the size of this newspaper should be reduced to tabloid. This compression has several advantages, one of them is less waste of material and also its easy handling.


I chose Arnhem because is a functional typeface but has some personality. Today Sans was the companion of Arnhem being a typeface with impact, that share some particularities, creating an harmonious combination.

Thank you!

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