Neteduca is a platform for learning, in which is provided interactive activities developed in accordance with the school curriculum. It is a place for sharing educational resources, in which the teachers can use in classroom and students in their work. It is a place to explore new educational practices, but is above all a meeting between teachers and students who want to grow and evolve with the participation of all.


To re-align the website visual design and to create a new section in partnership with Municipality of Castelo Branco, called Universo de Possibilidades.


Neteduca was a non-profit project created with aim of make available activities, exercises and games that a teacher could use in is classes. In this website we have two distinctive audiences with different demands. Reflecting about the authentic values of neteduca, we inspired by the school materials, reflecting a friendly and a tutoring experience providing value instead of adding noise.


See more of this work on my presentation at behance.

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