Mercantilização da Educação – Vol. 1


Portugal has witnessed in recent years a wide range of measures, such as in the health and social security, that concern the approximation of education to the market rules. Such measures have been pushed the school and the education system into a deep crisis, that has endured over time, coupled with the recurrent closure of schools, with lack of equipment and organizational shortcomings, which has resulted in the growing prestige of public school . Are often cited foreign examples such as the USA or Finland, to support such measures. However, these examples are usually decontextualized and presented as measures exempt from challenge in their own countries. The times we live in are undoubtedly marked by an unprecedented neoliberal offensive on free public education for all.


I was tasked to design the book jacket and layout the interior of the book. The internal layout of the book has remained the same as the preceding one.


In the development of this project, it was intended to visually convey, the concept “Crisis”, to mirror certain parts of the increasing commercialisation that blurs or erase the reasons why the systems of education were created.


Typography in use ITC Franklin Gothic

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