Médicos do Mundo


The Médicos do Mundo (Médecins du Monde) is an international, independent charity and is mission is to provide medical care, helping all vulnerable populations. In Portugal MdM’s have a project called “Porto Escondido” (Hidden Oporto), the aim is to provide medical care, psycho-affective support and to bring humanitarian assistance to homeless population of Oporto.


To design a direct mail, to raise awareness of new and existing donors to help this cause.


In the development of this project, it was intended to visually convey values of stability and security, values that were intrinsic of the nature of this project. In a symbolic terms the square shape conveys the values mentioned above. The double square with one covered is the visual metaphor for “hidden”, the envelope is on tracing paper, revealing this direct mail with transparency. For the overall project the typography defined for this work was Azo Sans. This typeface is based on elemental geometric forms, however this typeface have some calligraphic particularities which makes it more human. In a functional point of view this typography have a great readability with a sober and rational appearance.


Project in collaboration with agency Choice – Comunicação Global

Typography in use Azo Sans

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