O desafio da armada republicana na República Democrática do Congo


It isn’t at all necessary to be erudite to see that the Democratic Republic of Congo has become a field of ruins, for a long time ago. It is therefore unrealistic to build a lasting peace in this country, without refounding of the republic, democracy and the army. In other words, it is by starting from the refounding of the republic, democracy and navy that can assess the viability of the Congo revival project. Thus, the refounding of the republic and democracy is a precondition for the refoundation of the republican navy, because without republic, there is no republican navy that is worth.


I was tasked to design the book jacket and layout the interior of the book. The internal layout of the book has remained the same as the preceding one.


In the development of this project, it was intended to visually convey, the concept “data”, because of the numerical book data. The bars represent in an abstract way the dynamics of this country that is always changing (figuratively, through the opposing direction of the bars).


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