Centro Virtual sobre el envejecimiento


The Centro Virtual sobre el envejecimiento is an online community about the quality of life of senior people and above all is a place where you share experiences. The Centro Virtual sobre el envejecimiento is organized on the following idea — convergence space where the activity of each user and employee is available to all. Aims to be a portal that brings together information, services, specific content and communication tools.


To re-design the website visual design, bringing and awakening more people about the Centro Virtual sobre el envejecimiento.


The principles that guide this user interface design were:

  • Content First
  • Knowledge over Information
  • Honest over Serious
  • Simple over Unintelligible
  • Friendly over Austere
  • Inclusive over Selective


Typography in use Merriweather & Source Sans Pro
Icons in use Entypo

Thank you!

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