Avaliação físico motora em crianças com necessidades educativas especiais


Based on the challenges faced by schools for children with special educational needs, this book analyzes in detail the contributions of physical activity to health and psychomotor development. These contributions are particularly important if we consider the role that teachers of special education and physical education can play by promoting the involvement and social interaction among all members in class and between classes, by promoting a spirit of collaboration, acceptance and recognition of individual differences.
A clear and educational way, the manual makes an essential contribution to the promotion of health and school learning for children with special educational needs.


I was tasked to design the book jacket and layout the interior of the book.


In the development of this project, it was clear that we need to create a dynamic and straightforward design that is easily recognizable by the readers. It was intended to visually convey the concepts of focus and discipline.


Typography in use Scala & Scala Sans

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