Ana’s Adventures in Sintra


Ana’s Adventures in Sintra is a touring holiday company with a mission to provide you a tour visit like if you are a local. Creating a custom private tour with a unique experience, where you can walk in the forest, swim in the Atlantic, conquer the castle or discover the most beautiful hidden places.


I was tasked to design a professional yet fun and engaging double-sided poster and an leaflet to raise recognition of the brand and to inform the people about their tours.


In the development of this project, it was intended to visually convey adventure, some warmth and occulteness. But this promotional materials needed to be straight-forward, uncluttered and easy to use by their staff and understood by their customers.
With some defined brand guidelines, I was compelled to work with the defined colors and typefaces by the brand, but I don't felt this as constrain because I'd have some flexibility over the framework created.
This promotion materials design's have a great emphasis in their images and content.


Typography in use Klinic Slab & Grand Hotel

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